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Home Check Services

P1030338North Star Concierge offers a Home Check Service for your property in Kimberley, BC. We offer standard and customized home checks that will suit your needs and meet your home and rental insurance policy requirements. We provide thorough, documented inspections and ensure your property is safe and secure while you’re away.

Standard Inspection

Every inspection will be logged and detailed. We will inspect:

  • Exterior of building; we are looking for obvious damage such as flooding, forced entry, broken windows, and roof or eaves trough problems
  • Remove any flyers, inspect doors and entry points and physically ensure they are secure, inspect outdoor lighting
  • Interior of house; every room will be inspected
  • Check indoor heat temperature, power, check refrigerator/freezer/ice maker, phone ring tones, circuit breaker/fuse panel, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, insect or rodent infestation,
  • Reset electrical appliances and timers in case of power outage
  • All faucets while water is running, kitchen, bathroom, dishwasher, and toilet (looking for plumbing failures, mold, mildew, water leaks, dirty water, and flooding)
  • Hot water tank and air conditioning unit
  • Adjust outdoor lighting and décor (blinds, drapes, indoor lighting)

If a situation occurs during our inspection, we will document it, take digital photographs and contact you for further instruction.

2 or more inspections per week $25.00
1 inspection per week $30.00
1 inspection every 2 weeks $35.00
8 inspections per month $170.00

*Rates for Services do not include applicable taxes

Custom Inspection

North Star Concierge can customize inspections to meet your property requirements. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss details.